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Monday, January 28, 2002
CommonCents and CommonSense

It seems most decisions in life are affected by one or both

I have been struggling with whether or not to start my own ezine
I do have a site on the net as a hobby and the ezine would give me
more room for self expression that is not available within the confines
of a site that is there to primarily entertain others.

Common sense tells me to go for it, it's what you want to do
common sense also tells me that my health issues may
prevent me from having a regular delivery.Same day each week etc

Common cents tells me that nothing ventured nothing gained
It will cost you time which = money
Shouldn't cost much?
If it is the expression you require and that has positve affects
on your health, then also should be positive financially

Ponder to continue

What to do, what to do?

Most are more afraid of success, than failure
the other side of fear is freedom, right?


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